Our Services

This is the web portal of the project. Through this portal we share information on Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Poultry, Animal Husbandry, Soil information, crop diseases etc.

1. Web Portal Services

This is the Android service of the same web portal in the Hand held devices. The same services that are available in the Web site of the project is made available by this service.

2. Android App Services

This is the place which helps the farmers to chat with the peers on topics of Agriculture. It is mandatory for the farmers to sign up for an account to login this forum.

3. Farmer's Forum

This is an innovative service of the project AGRIBPO. This device has been creatively designed to monitor Weather at the blocks. Weather monitoring kit is a plug in device which can be connected with the system.

4. Weather Forcasting Services

This Service helps the farmers to seek advice or suggestions on their day to day farming practice with the experts and other peers who are experts and innovators in farming.

5. Expert Guidance Services

Through this service we render training to the identified Beneficiaries of the five blocks of the district that have been identified on behalf of the project. The beneficiaries are trained on the Web portal, Weather monitoring kit, Android service and entrepreneurship of their produce and produce.

6. Training

This is another important service which gives market information about the farm produce to the farmers. The farmers are able to know the market rate of their produce, which helps them to plan and proceed with their products.

7. Market Info Services